Lake Chelan Valley

The Lake Chelan region sponsors a plethora of opportunities. Listed below are just a few of the many features of Lake Chelan and the city of Chelan that command attention:

  • A combination of abundant water, sunshine, soil fertility, and arid conditions make Chelan special for living and agriculture. Clean air and clean living abounds.
  • Climate change portends even more mild conditions for the Northwest over the decades ahead.
  • The cheapest power in the United States is found in Chelan and Douglas counties due to numerous dams on the mighty Columbia River.
  • The local public utility has installed fiber optic cable, affording high-speed Internet to much of the Chelan area, making it business friendly and responsive to individual needs.
  • Lake Chelan is the third deepest lake in North America behind Crater Lake and Lake Tahoe. At 1486 feet deep, Lake Chelan's deepest point is about 300 feet below sea level.
  • Fish flourish in Lake Chelan with lake trout, rainbow trout, and bass being prevalent in most areas.
  • A glacial gouge, Lake Chelan penetrates deep into the northern Cascade Range and provides 55 miles of boating pleasure and access to the remote mountain village of Stehekin. No roads lead to Stehekin, only the lake.
  • Recreational opportunities are year round and couched in 300 days of sunshine. World class cross country skiing, boating, fishing, hunting, and biking are some of the featured recreational choices.
  • Lake Chelan has its own viticulture area designation and features 24 wineries. Warm days and cool evenings support wines made from estate-grown grapes.
  • The quaint town of Chelan features culinary excellence, a down-home flavor, and is registered and certified as a Small Town America site.