Shererwood Forest Farm: "One of a Kind" Investment!

No bank/sandy beach waterfrontIf a quality investment is your aim, then Shererwood Forest Farm is for you. This current agricultural land also has unparalleled development potential.

The City of Chelan is upgrading a nearby sewer system and providing city water. Three-phase power and fiber optic service is already in place on the property. There is no other plot of land in the Lake Chelan area with the close-in access, extensive sandy beach low-bank waterfront, significant size, excellent access, massive water rights, self-contained irrigation system, and reduced traffic noise of this parcel.

On the next hill toward town, less than a quarter mile away, a highly successful development of high-end homes is currently underway with a plan for 300 new homes on 63 acres.

The City of Chelan Comprehensive Plan calls for a series of bicycle/walking trails to connect this general area with downtown Chelan.

Listed below are just a few of the specific characteristics of Shererwood Forest Farm that makes it unique:

  • Nine acres of commercial golden delicious apple trees, originally planted in 1955.
  • Longest section of no bank/sandy beach waterfront owned by one private family in lower Lake Chelan (380 feet) with twenty (20) contiguous acres of operating farm.
  • Less than one nautical mile from downtown Chelan.
  • Unrestricted mounain and lake views.
  • One hundred forty nine acre feet of water rights to Lake Chelan. This is "first use waters" meaning unused/unprocessed water rolling off the Cascade Mountain watershed after evaporating over the entire Pacific Ocean.
  • Farm was originally platted in 1917, and still retains special developement rights.
  • A small hazelnut orchard is in place, and commercial vegetables are sometimes raised.
  • A flock of Katahdin hair sheep raised for meat. This highly nutritious animal is raised under the best living conditions. The finest environment of low stress, sunshine, good clean water, and quality fields and hay are provided with a minimum of chemical additions.

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Katahdin hair sheep on the farmBarn