Lord Acres History

There is a part of Chelan known as Lord Acres. Close to downtown, bordered by Lake Chelan, Lord Acres is named for Richard Lord, a man from Yakima who homesteaded 160 acres along what is now Dietrich Road.

Richard Hinton Lord established his homestead in 1888. He was one of the first settlers, so he was able to choose prime property for his homestead. His original 160 acres has been carved up, but Shererwood Forest Farm is one of the largest pieces remaining. Born in 1865, Lord married Bessie Decatur of Spokane in 1901; he died in 1938.

Richard Lord was a busy man. He and Alfred LaChapelle ran a ferry across the Columbia River at Chelan Falls. He helped obtain water rights from the Wapato Indian family for what is now the Lake Chelan Reclamation District in Manson, thereby enabling the investors to sell land for orchards in the Manson area. After having to sue those investors for his share of the profits and failing in that suit, he moved his family to downtown Chelan and sold real estate.

The Shererwood Forest Farm Golden Delicious orchard was planted in 1955, and many of the original trees are still living. There are currently nine acres planted in Goldens. The farm also raises Katahdin hair sheep, has a hazlenut orchard, and some years it produces commercial vegetables.